Technical Paper

Litex, Inc. hasĀ delivered several technical papers to automotive industry experts at the following international conferences.

  • Spark Ignition Stoichiometric Engine Exhaust Emission Reduction using a Non-Thermal Plasma,” by Jack A. Ekchian and Eric N. Balles of Litex, Inc., and J.S. Cowart, consultant.
    Paper was delivered during the Global Powertrain Congress in Stuttgart, Germany, October 5 – 7, 1999.
  • “Reduction of Exhaust Emission from a Stoichiometric Engine Using Non-Thermal Plasma Generated by a Corona Discharge Device,” by Robert P. Caren, Jack A. Ekchian and Gregory J. Roth of Litex, Inc.; J.S. Cowart, consultant; and L.B. Noordzij, Arthur D. Little, Inc.
    Paper was delivered during the Society of Automotive Engineers meeting in Toronto October 25 – 28, 1999.